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Aurora's Story

Aurora's journey began on August 6, 2020, when her mother and father discovered they were pregnant with twins. Over the next few months, a series of ultrasounds started to uncover that Aurora measured much smaller than her twin brother Oliver. On December 3, 2020, Aurora was diagnosed with a heart disorder known as truncus and brain disorder. The doctors didn't know if she would have a heartbeat by the end of December. when she was to visit the cardiologist.  Aurora proved doctors wrong and made it to her appointment with the cardiologist where her parents were told that her truncus could be repaired with surgeries, however, her brain disorder was diagnosed as holoprosencephaly. Once again, Aurora's parents were given the news that she may not make it to birth, if she did, they would be lucky to have minutes to hours with her. 


On February 11, 2021, Aurora's mom underwent an emergency c-section. Oliver was born at 1:13 pm weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces and Aurora was born at 1:15 pm weighing 3 pounds 2 ounces. Aurora was a fighter. She proved the doctors wrong again as she made it past minutes and hours and through her first night. Because of this, a brain scan was ordered. Through this scan, it was found that Aurora had the most severe form of holoprosencephaly known as alobar holoprosencephaly. She had a brain stem and only 10% of her lower brain. 

On February 14, 2021, Aurora was able to come home from the hospital with hospice care. Her mom and dad decided they wanted to provide comfort care to her and spend whatever time they were fortunate to have, with her at home. On February 20, 2021, Oliver was released from the NICU. All four Rosenblatt's were reunited, at home, something that the doctors never expected to happen. That evening, Aurora's condition began to take a turn for the worse as she stopped eating. On the evening of February 22, 2021, Aurora took her last breath while being held by Mommy.

Aurora's Story Corporation was created because Aurora's mother and father know firsthand how difficult it is to lose a child. The financial burden is the last thing that parents should have to worry about. 

Read Aurora's Story through the eyes of her parents

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